Monday, October 9, 2017

The Veldt

Veld: an area of grassy land with few trees or shrubs especially in southern Africa      
      How many of you have ever wanted a dog. I am guessing most of you. My question though is what did your parents say. "It will be a lot of work. You will have to clean it up. You're too young to take care of it. When you are older we will get you one." I wanted a dog once, I made a promise I would take care of it and water it and scoop its poop. I must have been convincing because not only do I have one dog, but I have two. But before I got my dogs my parents said those things above, like that I was too young. I was heart broken.
       What if when I was sad my room adapted to my feelings and sensed that I was sad. Would the room become a happier place, would it try to make me feel better? What if when you're happy your room turned happy colors, or when you were upset your room turned angry colors. How would that change the way you hide your feelings about others, around others?
      What if your parent thought that you were too good for a dog. That you should have a better life than what you are being given. That everything is not good enough for you. How would you react. I would react sadly because I know that if I asked for anything my parents would say, "That's not good enough for you." In conclusion, When you asked for a dog, did you eventually get one, or are you still fantasising about having one.

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