Monday, October 9, 2017

Closed or Open Adoption

      Thinking about adoption makes a lot of us sad or confused. Should the adopted child know about their birth parents and that they were adopted, or should this information be kept private? I have a cousin who was adopted, she has known her whole life and she has an open adoptions. My aunt and uncle were there at her birth. She is a singer and her birth mother can come and see her performances. Right now she is at an age when she wants to know more about her adoption and if it was her fault her parents gave her up. This is a question that many adopted children have, "Was it my fault". This question is easy for the adopted parents to answer, however this doesn't make the child feel any better because they want to know from their birth parents. Almost all adoptions i personally think should be open unless the birth parents are criminals or drug addicts or someone who could hurt the child. This is a tricky situation because the children want to meet their parents but also they have to be safe. What do you think abut adoption, should the information be kept from the child or should the child have right to knowing the information?

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