Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Don't Wake Me Up, I Was Dreaming!

 Dreaming still stumps scientists today and why do we dream?  Dreaming can still be many thing because we still don't know for sure. One of the things it can be is just a story our mind makes up from events that had happened during the time that you were awake, it can also be your brain sorting the information out that you had learned that day. A lot of time when you dream it has different things that you had learned that day all mushed together to make a strange story. It is very important to dream and scientists say that you dream about 4 to 6 times every night even though you might not be able to remember it, when they did a study they saw that people who were kept from dreaming ended up with or having increased tension, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, lack of coordination, weight gain, and tendency to hallucinate.


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