Thursday, September 29, 2016

Where's The Water???????

           If I were Katniss, I would be really upset when I couldn't find water but I still shot an animal that had water recently because it's snout was wet. I believe that the arena is smaller is because the Capitol wants the games to be over soon and wants more interaction between the players. I bet Katniss would be upset when Peeta made up that they were already married and that she was pregnant because if they somehow survive together, it would be really hard to play along with the whole "baby" thing. I predict that the doctors that altered Katniss's ear are going to get killed or wounded because she lied and said that she could hear better with the left ear which is the one they altered. I believe that the peace keepers will kill or hurt the doctors because when Cinna tried to help Katniss he was hurt, and when she turned a friend into a avox that hurt her friend. I predict that some people in the arena will not know about the force field and accidentally get killed, because people will think that they can go into the woods like Peeta and won't have anyone around them to help them when their heart fails.


  1. Yikes that is really frustrating! Hopefully she can find water soon.

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