Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Is More Ever Enough?

      Is more ever enough? I can't say that it is. Whenever you get something, after a while you want something else. You can almost never have everything in the world, but you might want to. I got a dog; however, after 6 years of having him, I wanted another one. Some people say, "You can never have too much of a good thing." But you would get sick after having too much ice cream right, or your favorite meal. What do you think, is more ever enough? I don't think it is.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


      Happy Halloween! Once upon a time it was October 31... there was HALLOWEEN! I guess i should start by asking how your Halloween went, but I don't have time. I have to tell you about my Halloween. First, my brother's girlfriend came over; we knew that we hadn't carved our pumpkins yet, so I turned on the TV to stranger things as we Started carving the pumpkins. Then all of the sudden my dad came into the house and said,"The World Series is on." So we turned off stranger thing and put on the World Series. It was 0-0 top of the second inning.  we carved a pumpkin and there was a knock on the door. It was our first trick or treaters! Later that night Me and my friends had gone around my neighborhood and wanted to go around her neighborhood. So my dad and mom got the car ready and we drove to her neighborhood. At the end of the night my pillowcase was abut 1/3 full. So now, How was your Halloween?

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Veldt

Veld: an area of grassy land with few trees or shrubs especially in southern Africa      
      How many of you have ever wanted a dog. I am guessing most of you. My question though is what did your parents say. "It will be a lot of work. You will have to clean it up. You're too young to take care of it. When you are older we will get you one." I wanted a dog once, I made a promise I would take care of it and water it and scoop its poop. I must have been convincing because not only do I have one dog, but I have two. But before I got my dogs my parents said those things above, like that I was too young. I was heart broken.
       What if when I was sad my room adapted to my feelings and sensed that I was sad. Would the room become a happier place, would it try to make me feel better? What if when you're happy your room turned happy colors, or when you were upset your room turned angry colors. How would that change the way you hide your feelings about others, around others?
      What if your parent thought that you were too good for a dog. That you should have a better life than what you are being given. That everything is not good enough for you. How would you react. I would react sadly because I know that if I asked for anything my parents would say, "That's not good enough for you." In conclusion, When you asked for a dog, did you eventually get one, or are you still fantasising about having one.

Closed or Open Adoption

      Thinking about adoption makes a lot of us sad or confused. Should the adopted child know about their birth parents and that they were adopted, or should this information be kept private? I have a cousin who was adopted, she has known her whole life and she has an open adoptions. My aunt and uncle were there at her birth. She is a singer and her birth mother can come and see her performances. Right now she is at an age when she wants to know more about her adoption and if it was her fault her parents gave her up. This is a question that many adopted children have, "Was it my fault". This question is easy for the adopted parents to answer, however this doesn't make the child feel any better because they want to know from their birth parents. Almost all adoptions i personally think should be open unless the birth parents are criminals or drug addicts or someone who could hurt the child. This is a tricky situation because the children want to meet their parents but also they have to be safe. What do you think abut adoption, should the information be kept from the child or should the child have right to knowing the information?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I Must-ache You a Question

       My teacher told me to write about what a mustache means to me, I don't know, maybe they symbolize being a man. But if that is it, then why do girls like it so much. I find it very strange that girls and boys like mustaches so much, if they like it so much then why don't they grow one. To me the symbol of the mustache means nothing besides the fact that it looks cool, but when you actually see a man with a mustache you're like, "Ewwwww, why did that guy put a dead rat under his nose?". This is not supposed to be offensive to men with mustaches because my dad has one, and he looks cool. But what does the mustache mean? I personally don't know.
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rain Rain Go Away

     In these chapters Morning Girls sees herself in her dad's eyes and doesn't realize that it is her. Star Boy is caught in a storm outside their house and senses some calmness, and when he reaches a tree to make sure he doesn't get swept away, he talks to his dead grandfather. Some people in their town have to move because their houses moved and they can't stay. Morning Girl realizes that this amount of people only happens when there is a marriage or when someone dies.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Giver, Movie or Book

The Giver, Movie or Book?
Imagine living in a world where you can't be yourself, and you are like everyone else. That is what The Giver by Lois Lowry is about. There is a movie and a book, however, I believe that The Giver movie is better than the book because first, there are a lot more items that show us that they are in the future. Secondly, we see a lot more of Jonas trying to share his feelings and his memories with his friends. Lastly, we see Fiona trying to help Jonas at the end of the movie, and in the movie she is going to be released, but not in the book. These reasons make the movie have more feelings, and you can connect to the characters more, even though they are living in a totally different environment.
The first reason why the movie is better is because there are a lot more items that show us we are in the future. For example, there are more drones and fake trees, and more assignments that all have strange meanings like motorbike drivers and drone controllers. These examples show us that they have stopped letting people choose their jobs/assignments. It also shows us that in the future this might happen and how life would be because of our mistakes. We might have these things taken from us and we should appreciate them now because we might not have them in the future. This really speaks to me unlike the book, because it shows us how different the future is in many ways and how differently people are being treated. Seeing so much more detail made the movie more powerful than the book.
The second reason why the movie is better than the book is because we see a lot more of Jonas trying to share his memories and emotions with Fiona . Examples of this would be when Jonas and Fiona made the makeshift sleigh and rode on it together,  also when he told Fiona to stop taking her injections. This made Fiona have feelings and realize that the elders had taken something away from the community. Jonas also tried to make Fiona see a color by trying to transfer a memory, but it didn’t work. This shows that Jonas is desperate to share his memories and connect with his friends, Fiona and Asher. This made it so we think of Jonas as a real person with feelings and commitments just like us. Having these additional scenes in the movie showed me that the people in the community actually have feelings, however they book didn’t make it as big of a point.
Lastly, the most important reason why the movie is better than the book is because Fiona becomes a bigger character. At the end when she is feeling things, because she stopped taking her injections, she wants to help Jonas, so she runs away with a decoy baby to make the people that are chasing Jonas go a different way than Jonas. This is not even brought up in the book. However, this action made it so that Fiona would have to be released, so at the end of the movie it was a fight for time when Jonas was going through the boundary of memory, and when the needle was almost touching Fiona’s skin. This made you sit on the edge of your seat until Jonas passed the border, but still, when the memories were passing to get to the community, the needle was getting closer. Because Fiona was bigger character in the movie it made it so the movie had more action, and it showed trusting relationship between two friends.
I really connected with Jonas,The Giver, and Fiona by the end of the movie because I felt like they were like us, that they know how we live and what our lives are like. I wish that I was there to talk to the community to tell them how awesome my world and way of living is, and I think that is what Lois Lowry was trying to get to us, that we should be grateful for what  we have. I would have never come to that conclusion if the world wasn’t future like, if Jonas hadn’t tried to share his feelings, and lastly, if Fiona hadn’t helped him. These things made me open my eyes to the fact that the community could become the same as us and free if they knew what our life was like. The movie made Lowry’s story more powerful and interesting.